Planning Timeline

Presenter Planning Timeline

October 15 to Thanksgiving

Start planning your workshop and let the SEYH organizers know you are willing to present.

Late November

Workshop descriptions are due so the brochure can be formatted and printed.


Plan out what supplies you need, and what you need in your room at Seattle U.
Complete the online presenter questionnaire.

Early February

Attend a presenter orientation meeting if you would like to learn more about the conference day, become familiar with campus, and meet other presenters, and get some presenting tips

Late February

Practice your workshop and activities with a willing audience of friends or family.

March 1

Make sure you have all of the supplies you need for your workshop (plan for 36 participants) and pack them up in easy-to-carry boxes.

March 5

Think of the information you will share about yourself and your work with the students attending your session. Double check the map so you know where you are going on conference day.

Practice your workshop and activities with a willing audience of friends or family.

A Day as a Presenter (day-of timeline)

Arrive at Seattle University - 7:45-8:30am

If you have many supplies to unload, pull your car up to the Bannan building through the 12th Ave entrance at the intersection with Marion Street (  If your load is light, park in the parking garage on Broadway – will be free that day.

Presenter check-in at Bannan Science Building - 7:45-8:45am

Get your room assignment, your schedule and important contact information.  You will also receive a campus map, and a list of all presenters & rooms. Meet your presenter assistant and an extra volunteer to help you unload as needed (then move your car to the Broadway lot). Grab snacks and drinks in the presenter lounge.

Set-up your room and supplies for the first workshop session - until 9:30am
Important: Send your volunteer assistant to go get your session 1 attendees from the opening session in Pigott and bring them to your room.

Workshop sessions – 9:40am-12:30pm

Lead 10-12 girls per session.  Tell them about yourself and your job and then lead them in fun hands-on activities related to your work. Help them find their next workshop during the passing period.

  • Session 1 9:40-10:30am
  • Session 2 10:40-11:30am
  • Session 3 11:40 to 12:30pm

Clean-up 12:30-1:00

If you need extra hands to clean up or load your car, please visit the volunteer room.

Presenter luncheon 12:45-2:00

Join us for a thank-you lunch in the Casey Building. Meet other presenters and reflect on your SEYH-day.

Relax for the rest of your Saturday!