Advance Brand Understanding

Councils across the country have discussed the need to move public perception of Girl Scouts beyond the "3 Cs" - cookies, crafts, and camping. Inquiry in the Community's resources and curricula can be one tool that helps your council do just that.

Recruiting Activities

Our recruiting activities provide an active glimpse into the power of Girl Scouts. When girls participate in a girl-led science activity at a recruiting event, they have a ball - and they want to join Girl Scouts. When parents see that their girls are learning decision-making, critical thinking, and science, they're less likely to think of Girl Scouts as "nice, but not necessary." And if those parents become volunteers, the image of girl-led, leadership-rich activities will be fresh in their minds. See our recruiting activities.


Volunteers, especially new volunteers, will do what they see others doing. By attending Inquiry in the Community workshops they see girl-led, engaging activities that go beyond cookies, crafts, and camping. When volunteers understand the power of the experience they're creating for girls, they can deliver on the Girl Scout brand promise, and become some of our best brand advocates. See our curriculum library.


We suggest finding an external partner to engage in some part of your Inquiry in the Community implementation. Besides lending expertise or resources you may need, they also can spread our brand image through their networks. Engaging these external partners in Inquiry in the Community means they'll spread an image of Girl Scouts doing engaging, girl-led science. In short, they'll spread a Girl Scout image that's relevant, contemporary, and critical for girls' lives. Learn more about building partnerships.

Social Media

Science is visual. So is social media. A snapshot of a girl doing a science activity - launching a rocket, making slime, testing a parachute - reinforces Girl Scouts' desired brand image. Use these visuals on your social media channels to spark interest and conversation. Also consider posting science activities, trivia (polar bears can run 25 miles an hour!), or current events in your feed, and be sure to share stories that portray girls as inquisitive leaders - identifying questions and finding their own ways to answer them.