Senior Design Projects

One distinguishing feature of Seattle University's engineering programs is the year-long, industry-sponsored senior design projects facilitated through our Project Center, one of the oldest in the United States. The projects bring together all aspects of the MEcurriculum while simultaneously providing students the experience to address real economic factors and operational concerns and to communicate effectively with industry professionalswhen coordinating real-world engineering projects.

The richness of the scope and technical depth of the projects is made possible by small class sizes, a teaching-focused faculty, and the university's proximity to a robust industrial base in the Puget Sound Seattle area.

2013-2014 ME Projects

  • ME 14.1De-burr of CanteenCups(Lighthouse for the Blind, Inc).
  • ME 14.2 Design of a Portable and Automated Mercury Vapor Detection System (Brooks Rand Labs)
  • ME 14.3 Electrified Cooling Fan (Kenworth Truck Company)
  • ME 14.4 Universal Mount for Xbox One Kinect (Microsoft)
  • ME 14.5Quick Attach Clevis and Adjustable Tie Rod(Boeing)
  • ME 14.6 Reactive Aircraft Partition Mounting System (Boeing)
  • ME 14.7 Carbon Fiber Re-spooling System (Electroimpact)
  • ME 14.8 Bellarmine Central Hot Water System Comprehensive Plan (SU and McKinstry Co)
  • ME 14.9 Upgrade Longmire Roads Garage for Higher Energy Efficiency (National Park Service)
  • ME 14.10 Articulating Spout (Hinds-Bock Corp)

Photos from Projects Day 2014