American Society of Mechanical Engineers

SU Club Connections!

There are several very active engineering clubs (e.g. ASME, SWE, EWB, etc) that are suited for mechanical engineering students. Some engage in external competitions as a club activity, some are social activity oriented, some provides engineering solution for those in need. Other than a sense of community, club activities often generating camaraderie, goodwill, exposure, and recognition. Engineering club members enjoy a multitude of intellectually challenging opportunities while developing not only friendship among peers, but competence, character, and leadership.

As a mechanical engineering student, for the purpose of professional development, you are strongly encouraged to join the student section of American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME). The main focus of ASME at Seattle University, besides social and professional activities, is the utility class human-powered vehicle challenge (HPVC). The program is well decorated. In recent years, students have tried to develop tricked-out vehicles (with unique features) that are always fun and innovative.

Tricky Trike

Our 2007 entry, Ricky Bobby Hawkenheimer had a feature that was picked up in press coverage. "This year's crowd pleasers were the three-wheelers designed to handle hairpin turns without tipping. The three-wheeled bike with leaning systems integrated into the chassis and flexible joints could actually be applied as a practical vehicle" - WIRED Magazine, April 2007. We were one of the two vehicles (out of 26) with such innovative design feature.

Our 2008 entry, Leonard G Hawkenheimer also had a leaning system in the back wheels. During the endurance race, a plush toy mascot Rudy the Redhawk rides on the trunk.

The team lead and the vehicle that started it all: D. Engebretsen '04 and the legendary Rudy Hawkenheimer.