Math Lab

2nd floor in the Lemieux Library
Mon-Thur 9:15am-5:00pm
Fri 9:15am-12:30pm

The Math Lab, located on the second floor of the Lemieux Library, is a drop-in service provided by the Mathematics Department for all students in lower division math courses (including UCOR 1200 classes) at Seattle University. The Lab is open approximately 35 hours a week and is staffed by 8-12 talented science, engineering, and mathematics majors. Students are encouraged to work on their math coursework at the various tables in the Lab and to seek help whenever necessary. The Lab is meant to augment the assistance given by the instructor of the course and to provide help at times when the instructor is not available. Any questions about the Math Lab should be directed to Dr. Mark MacLean, Director of the Math Lab: Bannan 417, 206-296-2248,

image of Math Lab poster, offering free tutoring weekdays in the Lemieux Library