UW Math Hour

Students & mentors participating in a UW Math Hour Contest

Since 2007, Dr. Klee has worked with Dr. Julia Pevtsova, from the University of Washington, to organize math enrichment events for middle school students from across Seattle.  In 2010, they established the University of Washington Math Hour, a series of talks hosted each spring, whose aim is to engage students and their families in mathematical ideas that go beyond the standard K-12 curriculum.

The spring lecture series culminates in the UW Math Hour Olympiad. This is a unique math experience for students in grades 6-10, who are given three hours to solve seven problems and present their solutions orally to a team of judges.  Students and faculty from Seattle University, along with partners from the University of Washington and Seattle-area industry, have volunteered countless hours to serve as proctors or judges for the Olympiad.

The schedule of Math Hour talks, along with information about the Math Hour Olympiad, can be found on the UW Math Hour Web Pages. Or for more information contact Dr. Klee at klees@seattleu.edu.