General Science

General Science

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    About the Department

    General Science is ideal for a student who wants broad exposure to the science disciplines. It is a common option for students considering careers in healthcare, physical therapy, laboratory science, and teaching. The major requires 95 credits in science; within this, you will choose a primary discipline where you will take at least 30 credits and a secondary discipline where you will take at least 20 credits. The rest of your major credits will be broadly distributed among other basic science disciplines. The General Science program is closed to new majors.

    Undergraduate Program Learning Objectives


      Understand and apply principles of biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, and other science or engineering disciplines as determined by the student's individual study plan. 

      Be able to plan and execute experiments using appropriate instruments, careful data collection, and safe practices.

       Use quantitative and critical thinking skills, information tools, and computer applications to interpret data and answer questions.

       Effectively communicate scientific and technical content to diverse audiences using written, oral, and graphic methods.

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