Silent Lullaby for Lost Souls by Naomi Kasumi - art created with the help of science - Panel Discussion

Naomi Kasumi Poster
February 16, 2022

Dear ECE students, faculty, and staff,

You are invited to view Naomi Kasumi's Silent Lullaby for Lost Souls, by Naomi Kasumi on February 17th at 4:30pm PST on Zoom using this link.

The Lemieux Library is streaming the movie "Silence" before and/or after the panel discussion, which aids understanding and gives context to Naomi Kasumi's exhibition. 

Naomi Kasumi's body of work presented here is part of their process to understand the historic events from 1603-1868, during Japan's pursuit of an Isolationist foreign policy and its persecution and attempts to exterminate Christianity in Japan. Naomi's creation of this specific art piece "Silent Lullaby for Lost Souls" reflects outcomes of their research and field studies in Nagasaki and in Amakusa that took place in Japan in 2020. The installation reveals their emotional and artistic response to their discoveries. Their exploration of events at these locations prompted them to create many small, handmade objects to symbolize and express their inner voice.

"This is my Lullaby to these lost souls. I hope you hear the silent song that says 'It's safe and now you can sleep'".