ECE Tea: A discussion with Sumit Basu about the field of Ai

Headshot of ECE Tea speaker
January 26, 2021

We will have our bi-weekly ECE Tea this Friday, Jan 29th, 3:30pm on Zoom! 

This will be our first ever ECE Subject Matter Discussion and I am so excited to introduce you to Sumit Basu, PhD, Senior Principal Researcher at Microsoft who will be joining us for casual conversation about Ai.

In Sumit Basu’s words, this is what he does, “My research focus is on developing interactive, machine-learning based power tools to assist users in understanding and extracting answers from complex data – physiological signals, teaching material/textbooks, computer systems, auditory signals like speech or music, scientific data, document collections, or the web. These power tools sometimes work by observing a user as they perform a task, then assisting them in their efforts once it understands what’s going on; in other cases (as in teaching) they provide inputs to the user and adaptively refine their strategy based on what works best.  The interactive aspect comes from having humans in a tight loop with the learning algorithm: instead of getting a big batch of labeled data, interactive learning tasks involve a delicate dance between the human and the algorithm to achieve sufficient performance with a minimum of operator effort.”

We will have him explain his work, and I hope that unlike a seminar, this will be an interactive discussion, so bring your questions about the area, his career pathway, how he got interested in Ai or even doing a PhD, and what the job prospectives are for this kind of research in Seattle.

Fun connection: My daughter Sara Beery, who is finishing her PhD at Cal Tech worked with him at Microsoft.