Developing Audio Integrated Circuits for Smart speakers

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January 15, 2020

Thursday, JAN 23rd  |  12:30-1:20pm  |  BANN 201

Speaker: Steve Wilson, SU ECE Alum, Applications Engineer, Texas Instruments

The talk will provide an overview of the development process of integrated circuits for smart speakers and other voice capture applications. Explore the development of a new audio ADC from Texas instruments while learning all of the contributing roles in silicon development, Systems, Design, Applications, Test/Verification, and Product Marketing and hear about internship and career opportunities.

Steve Wilson has been in the audio electronics industry for 20 years in roles ranging from electronics assembly and electronics repair technician to applications engineer. His current role is as an applications engineer for Texas instruments in their audio ADC group, supporting large audio customers such as Amazon, Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Sonos.

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