MakerFaire Sea 2017

Geodesic Dodecahedron Lantern

Stop by and visit our space to assemble a laser cut paper lantern. We have many colors and from which to choose. While visiting you can also take time to see our innovative projects coming our of our space.

Polyhedra and Geodesics

There are five regular convex polyhedra: tetrahedron (4), cube (6), octahedron (8), dodecahedron (12), and icosahedron (20).  Select links for animations of each solid.  Each vertex of a regular polyhedra contacts the surface of a sphere.  All the vertices of a polyhedra are on the surface of the same sphere.  The lines connecting the vertices are called geodesics.  We have included cut templates for each of the polyhedra below.  Have fun and enjoy.  


We prefer cardstock.  It is thicker and more durable than regular paper.  Used file folders are a great source for materials.  The transition to digital storage has surely produced a great opportunity to reuse materials.  If you cannot find  file folder or would like fancy colors then card stock is available from Joan Fabrics.  With a coupon which are always available you can produce lanterns for about ten cents each.  We buy the following multicolor packs when they are on sale.


Cut Templates

Triangle Base Solids

Tetrahedrons, Octahedrons, and Icosahedrons are all assembled from triangles.

Square Base Solids

Cubes or Hexahedrons are assembled from squares.

Pentagon Base Solids

Dodecahedrons are assembled from pentagons. 


Stellated Dodecahedron Cut Templates


Video thumbnail

This video highlights our Seattle MakerFaire 2017 project to engage participants.