“While we are dedicated to helping students learn the essential concepts of science, we involve students in research so they also learn to do science—the whole messy, challenging, uncertain, embracing, thrilling experience.”

Dr. Lindsay Whitlow, Chair of Biology


“Research is the centerpiece of our curriculum and our faculty view the mentorship of undergraduate researchers as their most important and fulfilling work.”

Dr. Joseph Langenhan, Chair of Chemistry

Civil & Environmental Engineering

“I want to help my students develop a strong understanding of the fundamentals and see how these principles are applied in practice. If they leave here excited about civil engineering and the impact they can have on society, then I have done my job.”

Dr. Katie Kuder, Chair of Civil & Environmental Engineering

Computer Science

“I hope that our students graduate from our program with knowledge in the foundations, desire to learn more and confidence to ask good questions and to adapt to the ever-changing field of computing.”

Dr. Roshanak Roshandel, Chair of Computer Science
Dr. Agnieszka Miguel,

Electrical & Computer Engineering

“I want to create an inclusive, supportive and academically challenging learning environment where personal attention from faculty, peer mentoring, collaboration and hands-on projects help our students reach their potential. I believe the best learning happens when students feel that they belong to a community; they are inspired not only to excel in their courses but also to innovate.”

Dr. Agnieszka Miguel, Chair of Electrical & Computer Engineering


“The most important thing I hope my students take away from my classes is that mathematics is a beautiful, complex, structured, abstract, growing realm and that, by exploring this realm, students will develop important skills that not only allow them to better navigate an appreciate mathematics itself, but any area of human thought.”

Dr. Dylan Helliwell, Chair of Mathematics

Mechanical Engineering

“I want to maximize each student’s potential by understanding their interests and aspirations and by creating a program that will help them be successful in life and career.”

Dr. Teodora Shuman, Chair of Mechanical Engineering


“Advances in science and technology come from young minds pushing into the unknown. As professors teaching courses and in supervising undergraduate research, my colleagues and I emphasize this creative spirit of inquiry, and not just learning what has been already established. An open mind is more vital than ever.”

Dr. David Boness, Chair of Physics