Undergraduate Degrees

Computer Science at Seattle University

Recognizing that different people study computer science for different reasons, the Department of Computer Science offers both Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts degrees.

The Bachelor of Science in computer science (BSCS) degree program provides a rigorous professional, technical educational background, appropriate for a career in software development or for entry into graduate study in computer science. A general option is available, as well as two specializations, Math and Business. These specialized options within the BSCS degree program enable students to develop greater interdisciplinary expertise, which will better equip them for jobs demanding these skills in the workplace.

The Bachelor of Arts in computer science (BACS) degree program offers a sound foundation in computer science courses, while allowing greater flexibility in determining an area of application of the acquired computing skills. It is an excellent preparation for students interested in professional careers involving computer applications in less technical areas such as business or education.

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