Laptop Recommendations for CS students

Recommended specification:

16GB memory 

512GB SSD minimum disk space

64 bit quad core processor (Core i5/i7, 8th generation or higher).


Minimum specification:

8GB memory

256GB SSD minimum disk space

64 bit dual core processor (Core i5/i7, 8th generation or higher)


If you are purchasing a new laptop, please use the recommended specification above. If you already have a laptop that meets the minimum specification above, it should work well for most of your courses. Senior-level electives and graduate courses may have computational requirements above the minimum stated. Please contact the course instructor to learn about specific elective/graduate course requirements.


** During the COVID-19 national emergency, classes are offered remotely and access to a microphone and camera is required.  At other times, access to a camera and microphone is not required, but may be helpful in some class activities.