Graduate Projects

Both the Master of Software Engineering and the Master of Science in Computer Science students are required to participate in the capstone project sequence. The MSE projects are embodied in three courses offered during three consecutive quarters and are normally among the last courses to be taken in the program. These projects are sponsored by local companies and reflect the real need of these organizations. Students work in a team with guidance from a faculty advisor, and interact with the sponsoring company throughout the year to identify the project requirements, design and develop the solution, and plan for the future development and maintenance activities.

The MSCS projects consist of either implementing a software system or carrying out research within computer science. Software implementation projects enhance students' programming skills and provide hands-on experiences in system design and building. Research projects culminate in a report suitable for publication, and provide excellent preparation for those who are pursuing research careers or further education in a doctoral program.

The Student Projects section provides project guidelines, project forms, deliverables and grading criteria for both MSE and MSCS student projects.