Seminar: Quantum Computing, Qiskit and the IBM Q Experience

Brian Eccles of IBM standing in front of the Quantum Computer

Friday, May 15 from 3:30 - 5:00pm (an informal chat with the speaker starts at 3:10 pm)

Written by Victor Chimenti
Photography by Courtesy IBM
May 21, 2020

Quantum computing is arriving. With quantum computers we can tackle problems in entirely new ways. Modelling physical processes, AI/ML, and optimization are areas where quantum computing may show earliest impact. In this seminar* we'll cover what is quantum computing, why it is so different from classical computing, why it is important, early usage, resources available to developers and students, and how to get started with access to real quantum systems, for free, by the end of the day.

Brian Eccles is an IBM Quantum Ambassador and market analyst. His experience includes technology prognostication, business development, market research and new product development. He presents and introduces quantum computing to audiences at conferences, with clients, and for academic groups.

Meeting details will be emailed to the faculty and students.

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Update May 21, 2020:

Quantum computing resources provided by Brian are now available through this link.