Senior Synthesis Projects

All Chemistry and Biochemistry majors participate in research projects. These research projects may be either laboratory or literature based and serve students in fulfilling their Senior Synthesis requirement for graduation.

Projects Information

  • Projects are conducted outside the classroom, in laboratories either at SU or at approved external sites. Students work individually or in a team with a mentor and choose their project to coincide with future career goals.
  • Each student involved in a project gain experience in practice and understanding of the scientific method by doing formal project presentations, both written and oral.
  • Projects promote using Chemistry or Biochemistry knowledge and encourage connections with core educational experiences. They also provide experience in chemical literature searching in order to place project goals and results in the context of existing knowledge.
  • Each project is documented using professional guidelines and students are responsible for regular progress reports as well as regularly scheduled work on the project.
  • The results of projects include knowledge gained, competence and creativity in the major field. The projects give a strong, collaborative research or internship experience that lends to the understanding and practicing of the scientific method. They also facilitate the professional growth and enthusiasm of the faculty and provide a rich variety of opportunities to apply knowledge in the field in service to others.

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