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Drs. Skogerboe & Jackels research

Kristy Skogerboe and Sue Jackels started at Seattle University the same year--  1995 was a big change for both of them.  Sue left Wake Forest University where she directed PhD students to become a faculty member focused on undergraduate education and undergraduate research.  Kristy left her job as a director of a molecular genetics/pathology lab at Seattle Swedish to enter the realm of full-time academics.  Right away they got to work helping other members of the department build an undergraduate research program and grow the department.  Both spent the summers of their early years at SU working with students and have many fond memories of these times.  Later, both served terms as department chair and each also directed SUURA, Seattle University undergraduate research association.  While they worked side-by-side, they never officially collaborated until recently.  It turned out to be an awesome and productive experience leading to considerable insight on the chemistry of potato taste defect (PTD) in roasted coffee that culminated in a paper in the Journal of Food and Agricultural Chemistry.  The paper (see link below) was the first reported work to quantify marker compounds associated with PTD and correlate them with sensory data, representing a step in understanding how to detect and prevent PTD in East African coffee. It also identified other potential chemicals that may help understand the mechanism of potato taste (see figures below)  As is typical in research, the work identified new questions that require the collaboration to continue.  Sue and Kristy look forward to continuing the collaboration and working with SU undergraduate students in the process.