Josephine Archibald, Ph.D.

Environmental Science


Phone: 206.296.5519

Building/Room: ENGR 514

Dr. Archibald received her B.S. in Environmental Studies and Biology from Oberlin College in 2003.  Afterwards, she served as a US Peace Corps volunteer in a rural shepherding community in Morocco, where she helped with community projects to increase access to clean drinking water, sustainable livelihoods, and educational opportunities for women and girls. Dr. Archibald did her masters and PhD at Cornell University, focusing her thesis work on modeling phosphorus transport from agriculture.

Dr. Archibald’s research interests are in hydrologic modeling; specifically predicting where and when runoff will occur in the landscape in order to help reduce or prevent pollutant transport. She will teach A Sound Ecosystem and Introduction to Environmental Science in Fall Quarter 2014.

Curriculum Vitae