Waitlist and Registration Procedures

Registration for Fall 2021


For UCOR or specific departmental questions, scroll down for contact info.


Course schedules and registration are accessed through MySeattleU Student Planning.

Course info in schedules in Student Planning: 

Within the Timeline or Search for Classes, click on the course section number to reveal detailed course information, such as prerequisites, schedule, course description, lab fees, additional information, bookstore link, open seats, etc.  This area includes Catalog information and the Comments section of SUOnline.

WISE form: 

If you would like to be on the waitlist for a specific course(s)/section(s) or have other registration issues for Biology, Chemistry, Math, or Physics courses, complete and submit a WISE Form.

Additional information about the process can be found at the S&E Advising Center

• Registration times:

Go to Student Planning -> Plan and Schedule -> change the quarter to Fall Quarter 2021. A few weeks before you register, you will see a light blue box that says, "Student's registration period for _____ Quarter begins on Day X at Time Y."

If you cannot change to the desired quarter, you also may need to click the + button to add this quarter to your plan.


Fall 2021 BIOL Course List:

These courses are listed as HYB/hybrid, which includes the option of attending lab in-person (class sessions are online): UPDATED WHEN AVAILABLE 

These courses will be online for all class sessions and all labs: UPDATED WHEN AVAILABLE

These class sections are matched with specific lab sections (students must register for a matching pair):

  • BIOL 1610-01 +  BIOL 1611-01 or 02
  • BIOL 1610-02 +  BIOL 1611-05 or 06
  • BIOL 1610-03 +  BIOL 1611-02 or 03
  • BIOL 1610-04 +  BIOL 1611-07 or 08

Email the department directly with questions

UCOR - Questions about closed core courses