Meetings, Planning, Goals

Advising Meetings

   • Advising Syllabus (agreement between the advisor and advisee)

   •  Advising Meeting Questions  (preparation for an effective meeting)

Curricular Planning

Use Biology Programs of Study, course information in Advising--Courses and Curricula, and SUOnline to plan future schedules at SU.  The grids and weekly planner may help you to organize and visualize your plans.   

  • SU Online  (schedules for the current school year are available)

Profiles & Goals

   •   Freshman Profile Form

   •   New Student Info Form for Biology

   •   Reflection, Goals, and Plans Worksheet


Interested In Studying Biology Abroad? 

The Education Abroad Office at Seattle University promotes meaningful study abroad and global immersion experiences for students, faculty, and staff by facilitating exploration of options, preparation before departures, and reintegration upon return.

SU Students serve, study, or intern abroad each year while earning credit towards their Biology degrees. Please visit the study abroad website for information on programs and advising help. 

Contact Information

Hours: Monday-Friday, 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM
Location: James C. Pigott Pavilion for Leadership, 124
Phone: (206) 296-2226
Education Abroad Office 
Seattle University 
901 12th Avenue 
P.O. Box 222000 
Seattle, WA 98122-1090