Blakely Island Field Station and Others

Blakely Island Field Station and Other Opportunities

Blakely Island Field Station Summer Courses:

Blakely Island Field Station

Summer courses in collaboration with Seattle Pacific University, on Blakely Island in the San Juan Islands in Puget Sound, NW of Seattle

Below are the courses and dates offered in summer 2019.  Ones with asterisks will give you Biology Major credit in our program.
BIOL 1010-01     Environmental Science for non-majors; Aug 5-16  
*BIOL 3800        Animal Behavior, June 17-28
*BIOL 3890        Environmental Physiology; Sep 2-13
*BIOL 4620        Marine Ecology; July 1-12
*BIOL 4630        Forest Ecology; July 15-26 
*BIOL 4910-02   Wildlife Ecology; Aug 19-30 
Cost per student, which includes tuition and room/board on Blakely Island, will be ~$4000 per class.
Questions?  Contact Lindsay Whitlow at
  To register for a 2019 Summer BIFS course, complete this 2019 Waitlist for Science and Engineering (WISE) form: 2019 WISE

Field stations (collections of listings):

Organization of Biological Field Stations  A comprehensive listing of field stations and their courses
School for Field Studies (SFS)   Semester & summer abroad programs in environmental field studies
Darling Marine Center Courses , internships, workshops on the coast of Maine, associated with University of Maine
Hatfield Marine Science Center Courses and internships on the coast of Oregon, associated with Oregon State University
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution     Semester programs, summer fellowships, jobs in Massachusetts 
Doris Duke Conservation Scholars Program  2-year conservation leadership program  at UC Santa Cruz for early-career college students

Other sites and organizations:

Archaeotek Summer courses in human osteology and bioarchaeology in Romania
Eko Tracks Study abroad programs in veterinary science, conservation, and wildlife management; internships; volunteer opportunities; and ecotours in southern Africa


Note: Please remember that Seattle University will only accept transfer credit if you have a credit total of less than 135 credits. If you have 135 or more credits, the University will accept only the transfer of course content (and the credit will not be added to your SU total). If you have between 90-135 credits, the University will accept transfer of both course content and credit from a four-year institution. In all cases, turn in a Transfer Verification Request form to the Registrar before taking your course.