Minor in Biology

The Biology Department offers a minor to undergraduates.  The 30-credit program includes a year-long 15-credit introductory series and 15 credits of BIOL electives, as described:


BIOL 1610 Biology I: Molecular and Cellular Biology 4 credits
BIOL 1611 Biology Lab I 1 credit
BIOL 1620 Biology II: Evolution, Diversity, and Ecology 4 credits
BIOL 1621 Biology Lab II 1 credit
BIOL 1630 Biology III: Physiology and Development 4 credits
BIOL 1631 Biology Lab III 1 credit
BIOL Electives (numbered 2000 or above)* 15 credits



*At least 5 of the BIOL elective course credits must be from courses numbered 3000 or above (see online catalog).  Some course choices may require prerequisites beyond the minimal requirements for the minor.

Students who want a minor posted to their academic records must file a Minor, Request to Add form prior to the deadlines posted on the form.

A maximum of 15 quarter credits transferred from other regionally accredited institutions may apply to an undergraduate minor.

A minor may include no more than 5 quarter credits graded either CR/F or Pass/Fail.

A minor will not be posted after a first baccalaureate degree has been awarded.

For more information on minors, consult: