2018 Science and Engineering College Awards

May 25, 2018

Duane Safford - Camille Toutonghi Distinguished Staff Award

We are recognizing Duane for his amazing dedication to Biology. In 2016-17 there were six faculty members taking sabbaticals. Eleven courses were taught by new faculty lecturers who taught labs, and Duane shepherded them through it. For six months in 2017, he was Biology’s only lab manager. Through good times and tough times, Duane always has a smile for people. He has a genuine desire to help people no matter what department they are in. He truly lives the mission of Seattle University.

Sheila Oh - Outstanding Faculty Adviser Award

Sheila was the founder of the Seattle University Women in Technology organization and has served as its faculty adviser. As an adviser, Sheila encouraged women students to get involved in the greater women in technology community. She has been a great mentor to both undergraduate and graduate students. She has made herself available to review resumes, conduct mock interviews, and give career advice. 

PJ. Alaimo - Outstanding Teacher Award

P.J. exemplifies the respect, genuine compassion, and wholehearted dedication to students that this award seeks to recognize. He freely gives students his time and attention. They know he cares. He teaches organic chemistry, which is infamous for sinking the ships of those sailing toward medical school. P.J. has worked hard to improve student success in this difficult subject. The way P.J. teaches organic chemistry fosters a deeper, more semantic understanding of the material that is easily retained and recalled long after the course is over. In addition, P.J. has advised 32 undergraduate students working in his lab.

Roshanak Roshandel - Dean’s Award

Roshanak Roshandel is leading the Department of Computer Science through a period of rapid growth and change. Computer Science is the fastest growing department at Seattle University, and the emergence of new data-related degrees is keeping the department in the spotlight. In the past year alone, Roshanak led the efforts to change the name of the department, terminate the Master of Software Engineering program, create a new software engineering specialization within the MS in Computer Science program, respond to the urgent request from the Albers School to provide 1/3 of the courses in the new online MS in Business Analytics, and begin work on new programs in machine learning and data science. She has also put a huge number of hours into fundraising efforts for the Center for Science and Innovation.