Careers, Employment, and Further Education

A biology degree provides many options and opportunities.  As you plan your future, consult with faculty and use these resources:

Biology Careers and Places to Start

What can I do with a major in Biology?

General resources

Careers in Specific Disciplines

Cell and molecular biology

Conservation biology

Ecological and environmental sciences



Integrative and comparative biology

  • Careers in biology information, links, interview advice
    [general info for all disciplines with focus on Animal Behavior, Comparative Endocrinology, Comparative Physiology and Biochemistry, Ecology & Evolution, Invertebrate Zoology, Neurobiology, Systematic & Evolutionary Biology, Integrative & Comparative Issues, and Vertebrate Morphology] (Society for Integrative & Comparative Biology--SICB)

Marine sciences


Teaching (K-12)

Employment After Graduation


From Local to International:

General job listings:


Graduate and Professional Schools

General info and directories:

Preparation and timeline:

Pre-health preparation:

SU graduate school opportunities:

Graduate/professional school entrance exams:

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  • GRE  (The general test is offered at testing centers most of the year.  The subject tests are only offered on three dates per year in April, September, and October.  Subject tests are offered in:  Biochemistry/Cell/Molecular Biology, Biology, Chemistry, Literature in English, Mathematics, Physics, and Psychology.)
  • GMAT  (offered at testing centers)
  • LSAT    (offered at testing centers four times per year in February, June, September, and December)
  • Miller Analogies Test  (offered at testing centers)      
  • MCAT  (Medicine-- 14 dates from Apr-Sept 2015 at testing centers)
  • DAT  (Dentistry--offered at testing centers)
  • OAT (Optometry--offered at testing centers)  

Graduate fellowships and scholarships:

Non-SU graduate schools and programs:

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