Each student who majors in Biology has a faculty advisor who will share curricular advice, biological expertise, departmental experience, and University guidance throughout the student's tenure in our department.  Advisors meet with their advisees regularly throughout the year to discuss both immediate and future academic and career plans.  

Course List, Descriptions, UCOR Overview

Because our department has four degree options and many courses, we offer course and curricular resources to help navigate your options.

Closed Class Registration Procedure

  • For our Fall Quarter 2018 courses: please complete a 18FQ Closed Class Form and submit to 
  • If you are interested in registering for a Projects Lab (BIOL 3750 or BIOL 3760), please complete a 18WQ Closed Class Form and submit to  
  • If you had planned to register for a Biology, Chemistry, Math, or Physics course that closed by your registration time, please contact the S&E Advising Office.
  • For assistance with closed UCOR classes, Science and Engineering majors may visit the S&E Advising Center (ENGR 300) or the Core Solutions Center (upstairs in University Services Building).

Meetings, Planning, and Goals 

These questionnaires, quarterly and weekly grids, and profiles will assist in planning for advising meetings and one’s future during and after SU.

Senior Synthesis

As part of the SU Core Curriculum, each Biology major will complete a Senior Synthesis project within our department.  Our SS series is in the process of revision, which is continuing during 2016-17.  Current details are online here.

Letters of Recommendation

If you request a letter of recommendation/reference, a faculty member will likely request information from you, including your resume/CV, an unofficial transcript, and your personal statement.  These campus forms also are commonly requested: