Jessica Allison, M.A.


Senior Academic Advisor

Building/Room: BANN 323 (Science Wing)


My pronouns: she/her

My undergraduate alma mater: University of California, Santa Barbara

A concern I had moving into college: Starting at a university with over 15,000 bikes on campus, my first concern was about riding my bike through campus during rush hour. But, once I got a bit more experience merging on 2 wheels my next concern was finding my place at a big university. Living on campus, my resident hall provided me with a smaller community. Attending campus welcome events connected me with new friends and my RA became the first staff member I could look to for guidance and direct me to additional campus resources for all my questions and concerns.

How I support the student experience at Seattle U: Welcoming students as they begin their first quarter on campus and being a resource outside of the classroom to support them as they work towards graduation and a future with infinite possibilities. I am here to help students be successful in their academics along with personal development.

My top picks for enjoying Seattle: As a new Seattleite I am in the process of discovering my favorite places (please share your recommendations with me!). I love exploring Seattle by going on urban hikes. Although the hills can be steep, at the top I am rewarded with amazing views. As a native Californian I thought In-N-Out Burger was king, but now I am convert to Dick’s Drive-In and glad there is one so close to campus.

A fun fact about me: I taught English as a Foreign Language at a college in Hangzhou,China and have traveled to over 30 countries- mainly by backpacking.