Aisha Ali, M.Ed.

Senior Academic Advisor, Pre-health

Phone: (206)296-2243

Building/Room: BANN 323 (Science Wing)


My pronouns: she/hers

My undergraduate alma mater: University of South Carolina 

A concern I had moving into college:  Not being as bright as the other students! During my first semester, I spent a lot of time worried that other students were doing better than me because they looked like they knew what they were doing, and I didn’t want to ask questions because I didn’t want to be seen as being dumb. I recognized that I could have asked my advisor and professors for help, but I was too intimidated. In hindsight, I wasted unnecessary time stressing out and making my first year harder for myself. When I finally did see my advisor and professors, I realized they were kind and genuinely wanted to see me succeed. Once I started seeking resources on campus, then the rest of college became a lot easier.

How I support the student experience at Seattle U: My goal is to welcome, assist, and serve as a resource to each student. I sincerely enjoy getting to know students and am excited to be part of their journey.

My top picks for enjoying Seattle: I am new to the Seattle area, so please let me know if you have a recommendation. Pike Place Market is one of my favorite destinations simply because there are so many things to see and taste.

A fun fact about me: I love to try different toppings on pizza. Yes, I am pro-pineapple.