Learning Outcomes


Learning Outcomes for Pre-Professional Health Studies and the University


Upon completing their certificate in Pre-Professional Health Studies, students will:

  • Demonstrate appropriate knowledge and competence in biology, chemistry, and physics.
  • Communicate scientific information effectively through writing and speaking.
  • Demonstrate the ability to collect and analyze data and to prepare coherent reports of their findings.
  •  Have professional attitudes, behaviors and skills to gain admissions to appropriate graduate/professional schools.

Upon completing their studies, Seattle University students will be:

  1. Prepared to encounter the world - They thoughtfully engage complex questions about human existence and the natural world by rigorously applying appropriate methods of inquiry and by drawing upon a broad foundation of relevant knowledge and experience.
  2. Adept in their discipline - Through pursuing their academic and scholarly passions, they possess in-depth knowledge and skills in their major, and are able to apply them effectively.
  3. Empowered to make a difference - They are competent and creative writers, speakers, and critical thinkers who are able to thrive in leadership, team and advocacy roles; who contribute to the common good; and who possess the tools to meet life's challenges.
  4. Self-reflective in their pursuit of meaning and purpose - They are prepared and inspired to lead reflective lives of meaning and value, to contemplate their relationship to the transcendent, and to discern their vocational and life paths.
  5. Committed to justice and ethical action - They are engaged and ethical members of their global and local communities, act with compassion and integrity, and strive for social and environmental justice.