Health Professions Evaluation (HPE)

Since 1972, medical and dental schools have requested undergraduate institutions evaluate their students who are applying. This evaluation results in a packet of material sent on the applicant’s behalf and helps the student gain an admissions interview. Seattle University is proud to offer this service through the Health Professions Evaluation (HPE) process.


The HPE process is available to:

  • Any Seattle University current student
  • Any Seattle University alumni
  • Must be applying to medical or dental school

Elements of the Process

The HPE process consists of:

  • Orientation: informational session on HPE process
  • Workshops: these sessions focus on essay writing, interview skills, and application completion
  • Documentation: applicants complete documents that parallel the online application before the application opens & receive editorial support from advisors and faculty
  • Interview: applicants are paired with science faculty for interviews that help students prepare for medical/dental school interviews & provide those schools information about the applicant
  • Committee Review: a panel of science faculty evaluates each applicant in comparison to other Seattle University applicants that year. This information is compiled into a cover letter that is submitted to the schools on the applicant’s behalf


The HPE timeline begins the year before starting at professional school:

  • Fall Quarter: Contact to express interest in participating
  • Winter Quarter: Attend orientation session in March
  • Spring Quarter: Attend workshops and begin faculty interviews
  • Summer Quarter: Continue faculty interviews and the committee reviews begin

To Learn More

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Admissions rate for SU non-HPE students

The admissions rate to medical schools for SU students who did not participate in the HPE process is 38%.

Admissions rate for SU HPE students

The admissions rate to medical schools for SU students who did participate in the HPE process is 86%.