Steven Klee, Ph.D


Associate Professor

Phone: 206.296.5928

Building/Room: BANN 420

Frequently Taught Classes

MATH 2320: Linear Algebra

Research Interest


Recent Publications

Steven Klee and Matthew T. Stamps, "Linear algebraic techniques for spanning tree enumeration," American Mathematical Monthly, to appear, 2019.

Steven Klee, Satoshi Murai, and Yusuke Suzuki, "Exceptional balanced triangulations on surfaces," Graphs and Combinatorics, to appear, 2019.

Steven Klee, Eran Nevo, Isabella Novik, and Hailun Zheng, "A lower bound theorem for centrally symmetric simplicial polytopes," Discrete & Computational Geometry, 51 (3) (2019), 541-561.

Jackson Evoniuk*, Steven Klee, and Van Magnan*, "Enumerating minimal length lattice paths," Journal of Integer Sequences, 21 (3) (2018), Article 18.3.6.

Philip de Castro*, Desiree Domini*, Tom Edgar, Devon Johnson*, and Steven Klee, “Counting binomial coefficients divisible by a prime power,” American Mathematical Monthly, 2017. 

Steven Klee, Hunter Lehmann*, and Andrew Park*, “Prime labeling of families of trees with the Gaussian integers,” AKCE International Journal of Graphs and Combinatorics,  13 (2) 2016 165-176.

Steven Klee and Isabella Novik, “Lower Bound Theorems and a generalized Lower Bound Conjecture for balanced simplicial complexes,” Mathematika,  62 (2) 2016 441-477.
Steven Klee and José Alejandro Samper, “Lexicographic shellability, matroids and order ideals,” Advances in Applied Mathematics, 67  2015 1-19.
Steven Klee and Matthew Stamps, “Graded Betti numbers of cycle graphs and standard Young tableaux,” Journal of Combinatorics, 2015.  (to appear)
Allan L. Edmonds and Steven Klee, “The combinatorics of hyperbolized manifolds,” Mathematica Scandinavica, 117 (1) 2015 31-63.

* indicates an undergraduate student coauthor


Dr. Klee has a B.S. from Valparaiso University and a PhD. from the University of Washington. He has been on faculty at Seattle University since 2012.

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