Luke Marney, Ph.D.


Instrumentation Manager

Phone: 206.296.2270

Building/Room: ENGR 609

Teaching and Research Interests

Luke’s research program investigates fundamental biology and pathophysiology of metabolic and cardiovascular disease with the development of chemical separation methods and the accompanied data analysis tools. The most effective instrumental techniques for these aims has been chromatography and mass spectrometry and the development of reproducible, better resolving, and faster methods to quantify ever increasing numbers of chemical components. This fundamental interest in chemical separation is applied primarily to the measurement of key biochemical components that are important for the investigation of the pathophysiology of metabolic disease in the clinical laboratory, in animal models of disease, and in molecular epidemiology. Luke has fundamental scientific research expertise in the languages Python, R, and MATLAB/Octave and continues to contribute to projects for chromatography and mass spectrometry data analysis (


Luke obtained his PhD from the University of Washington and completed post-doctoral work at the Human Nutrition Research - Medical Research Council and the University of Cambridge in England. Luke is a clinical laboratory scientist and chemist that distills his erudite vision and calm, zen-like passion into creating new inspired connections of great minds and new ideas. Luke connects his students into the community of scientists with apprenticeship education and Socratic discussion. When not in the lab, Luke is either mountain biking, rock climbing, fly fishing, on his yoga mat, or playing music.