Jeff Boersema, Ph.D.



Phone: 206.296.5929

Building/Room: ENGR 400A

Frequently Taught Classes

MATH 1130: Elements of Calculus Business, MATH 2320: Linear Algebra, MATH 3000: Introduction to Advanced Mathematics, MATH 4421: Introduction to Abstract Algebra I, MATH 4460: Topology

Research Interests

Functional Analysis & K-theory

Recent Publications

Jeff Boersema & Terry Loring, “K-theory for real C*-algebras via unitary elements with symmetries.” New York Journal of Mathematics (2016)

Jeff Boersema, Terry Loring, & Efren Ruiz, “Pictures of KK-theory for real C*-algebras and almost commuting matrices." Banach Journal of Analysis (2016)

Jeff Boersema, “The K-theory of real graph C*-algebras.” Rocky Mountain Journal of Mathematics (2014)


Dr. Boersema has a B.A. in Mathematics and Philosophy from Calvin College, an M.S. (1995) in Mathematics from the University of Oregon, and a Ph.D. (1999) in Mathematics from the University of Oregon. He has been on faculty at Seattle University since 2001.