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Student Team Wins Iasa IT Architecture Competition

In January 2016 a team of undergraduate and graduate students from the Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering took first place and a $5,000 prize at the inaugural Iasa IT Architecture Competition. Student teams were presented with a business problem and challenged to create an end-to-end architecture design solution complete with documentation. The event was sponsored by IASA, the Puget Sound Association of IT Architects, Costco, F5 Networks, Microsoft, and REI. For more than three months the “Seattle Boffins” met regularly on campus to design and develop their entry. The team benefited from the mentorship of Chris Wildt and Costco IT. They presented their solution to industry experts at the REI IT Center.

Iasa IT Winners 2016

SU Boffins (l-1): Hunter Hammond (senior, computer science), Sukhman Ghumman (graduate student, software engineering), Nanya Ugwuh (graduate student, software engineering), Chris Wildt (Costco mentor), Conor Leeds (junior, computer science), and Jordon Callero (junior, computer science).