First-Class Professional Preparation Demands First-Class Equipment


The new Jim & Janet Sinegal Center for Science & Innovation opens this fall! This is a massive accomplishment—made possible by generous donors—that will allow Seattle U to double our number of STEM majors and provide new labs, study spaces and workstations to students. But, we need your help to complete the exciting final step: furnishing learning spaces and filling labs with new equipment.

Seattle U’s STEM education offers a rare level of hands-on research, real-world partnership and faculty mentorship that propels our graduates to excel in demanding fields. We accomplish this by investing significantly in our students—providing them with exceptional faculty, small class sizes, and endless opportunities to explore, discover and innovate.

Have no doubt—the STEM students of today will be designing our future. In just a few short years, they will be undertaking biomedical research, developing engineering solutions to global warming and creating algorithms that drive everything from hiring to banking. Preparing them for this future requires up-to-date equipment that can keep pace with modern industry standards.

Today, you can make a difference by supporting the CSI Equipment Fund.

Progress To Goal (as of 15 May 2021):

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Equip Our Students for Success

Each department has unique needs and just a few examples are listed below. No gift is too small, as every dollar will help fulfill the promise of a Seattle U STEM education—preparing capable, Jesuit-educated innovators to lead us through the complexities of tomorrow.


  • Updated temperature control and water pressure systems
  • Additional balances, evaporators and advanced spectrometers
  • A high-performance liquid chromatography system
  • Additional instrumentation to support new lab sections
  • A new Advanced Optics lab
  • A new floor model centrifuge
  • Additional water baths, minigel boxes and PCRs
  • Additional compound, phase contrast and stereo microscopes 
Electrical & Computer Engineering
  • New workstations
  • Updated design and fabrication facilities
Civil & Environmental Engineering
  • Additional drying ovens, centrifuges and computer workstations
  • A new fluid properties and hydrostatics workbench
Mechanical Engineering
  • Additional computer workstations, oscilloscopes and 3-D printers
  • New refrigeration units and heat pumps

Make your gift by June 30th to be recognized on opening day!


Be Recognized on Opening Day

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Every donor supporting the CSI and CSI Equipment Fund will have their name, or the name of someone they’d like to honor, included in a STEM window mural during the fall opening: the more donors, the larger the display! Join us today to be part of something big.

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If you’re able, consider a gift of $10,000 or more to be featured on the permanent CSI donor wall. This is a great way to show your commitment to STEM education, publicize your business or foundation, or honor a loved one or faculty member. Reach out to Michelle Finet, Senior Director of Development, at 206-296-2846 or with questions or for more information

“At Seattle University, research is the centerpiece of our curriculum and our faculty view the mentorship of undergraduate researchers as their most important and fulfilling work."

Joseph Langenhan, PhD, Professor and Chair, Department of Chemistry

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"Hands-on laboratory experiences with faculty help define SU’s STEM education. Having the proper equipment available to students ensures that they will be ready to use their training to seamlessly step into their chosen career paths and make a difference."

Carolyn Stenbak, PhD, Associate Professor, Department of Biology