Seattle University's New Heart

The Sinegal Center is more than a new era in STEM education - it is a meeting place and resource center for the entire Seattle University community. Students from across campus are invited to the Sinegal Center to collaborate and learn, as well as relax and have fun.

Sinegal Center West Courtyard

Campus Community Resources at the Sinegal Center

Billodue Makerspace

The makerspace is open to all Seattle University students, not just students in the College of Science and Engineering. Come in to visit and learn about certification so you can use this wonderful space to bring your ideas to life.


KXSU 102.1 FM - Seattle University Campus Radio

For over 25 years, Seattle University students, staff, and alumni have collectively worked in making KXSU an incredible station and space that is proudly student-run. Tune in to KXSU, or visit their site to become a DJ or on-air reporter.


Sundborg Center for Community Engagement

The Stephen V. Sundborg Center for Community Engagement (CCE) connects campus and community to empower leaders for a just and humane world. The connections CCE fosters are expansive, encompassing thousands of university students, faculty, staff, community partners, local Seattle residents, families and youth scholars. Now located in the Sinegal Center, the CCE hopes you will stop in or visit the CCE website to discover how you can give back.


Outdoor Gathering Spaces: The West Courtyard and the East Terrace

The West Courtyard of the Sinegal Center provides more outdoor event space on campus, as well as a place to relax or study informally with friends. The East Terrace adjoins the 12th Ave entrance to the building and features café seating for morning sun and afternoon shade.