Cutting-Edge Facilities, for Teaching and Research

The Sinegal Center is the new home of biology, chemistry, and computer science on the Seattle University campus. Students in these departments benefit from 18 new laboratories in the building as well as the Amazon Computer Science Project Center expansion. 

Sinegal Center Lab Details

  • Five (5) Research Labs: Multi-investigator research labs for biology and chemistry, where undergraduate students will perform in-depth scientific investigations.
  • Thirteen (13) Teaching Labs: State-of-the-art teaching labs will improve hands-on activities in lab-based courses and enhance science education for biology and chemistry majors and for non-majors taking University Core science classes.
  • Two (2) classrooms: Updated teaching space suitable for university-wide use.
  • Adjoining facilities with environmental controls and specialized instruments and equipment will expand student opportunities for course-based and independent research.