Public Safety
Access Control and Keys

Building Access Help Request

  • Answers to Common Problems:

    • Q. Where's the Key I requested?
    • A. You will be contacted via email when it is ready.
    • Q. I need a Key, how is this done?
    • A. Please use the Key/ Building Access Request Form (click here)
    • Q. I need Card Access, how is this done?
    • A. This is also available through the Key/ Building Access Request Form (click here)
    • Q. I lost my Campus Card and/ or it does not work.
    • A. Visit the Campus Card office in engineering RM 313 during normal business hours.  You can also visit the Public Safey 24-hour window after business hours.
    • Q. My Campus Card/ Key Tag to the Library is not working, how do I resolve this?
    • A. Fill out the Form below. You should be contacted within 48 hours. 


    Help Request Form