Residence Hall Association


  • Frequently Asked Questions

    When will my student receive his or her care package?

    We aim to send a notification e-mail to our residents two weeks prior to finals. Afterward, they must come by the RHA office in Campion 115 to pick up their package. Our office hours are posted in the Contact Us section. If the resident is unable to come during our office hours, they should contact us at to work something out. This information is provided to them when they e-mail us.

    Why can't you deliver the package to my student?

    We would love to leave the care packages at the front desk for our residents' convenience; however, federal postal law prohibits us from leaving items at the desks since the desks double as a mail room.

    The office was closed when my student came to pick up their package during your office hours, how are they supposed to pick it up?

    RHA is a 100% student-run organization, which means we do not have a full-time staff in our office. We try to stay as true to our office hours as much as possible so that we can better serve our residents' needs. Sometimes we are running errands across campus or have to alter our office hours. If there are any consistent problems in care package pickup, we recommend that the resident contact us as so that we can make sure we find a good time for pickup.

  • New Care Packages

    RHA provides care package services through a new service! Order your care packages online below:

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