Of The Month Awards

What is an OTM

Writing an Of The Month (OTM) award is one of the best ways to recognize a person, program, or community of people who benefits the Residence Hall Community on this campus, and any OTM submission has the potential to be a campus, regional (PACURH is our region), and national winner (NACURH).

OTMs can be submitted to the OTM database (which is fully searchable for past OTMs – great program ideas for free!!!) online at http://otms.nrhh.org/. OTMs are due before midnight on the 6th of the following month.

5 Tips to Writing a Successful OTM

Paint a Picture

Describe the person/event so that the reader can visualize the person/event you are writing about. Before explaining specifics, give a general understanding as to why the person is so wonderful in general or what the event encompassed.

Use Paragraphs

It is kind of tiring to read OTMs that are one, long, continual paragraph. It is in your best interest to make paragraphs no longer than 4-5 sentences. Paragraphs will help organize the OTM into sections/topics as well. Program OTMs are by nature broken up into smaller sections already, but you should use paragraphs within individual sections as well.

Month Specific

More than likely if you are writing an OTM for a person, he/she does great things on a regular basis. For the sake of OTMs though, make sure they are MONTH SPECIFIC. Tell the reader what he/she did during the month of nomination that makes them worthy of the nomination. For program OTMs, particularly if it is a recurring program, explain why this month's program was better than others that are similar. Also explain why it is month appropriate and how other activities during the month may have affected it.

Event/Person Specific

This is pretty self-explanatory. Give specific details about the person and what he/she personally did to enhance the life of those around them. How did the personpersonally have an impact on the success of programs or events? For program OTMs give specific information about what went into the planning and execution of the programs. These details are needed so that someone who was not present at the program will have a clear sense of the event.

Word Count

Use the word count limit. There is a positive correlation between winning OTMs and higher word counts. Don't fill the OTM with fluff, but include as much information as you can to help the reader visualize the person or event. The more information that you include, the better the picture is that you paint (remember painting a picture from the first tip?).