Self-Service and Student Planning

What is Self Service?

Self Service is an online tool with responsive design to make it easy for students, employees, advisors, faculty, and staff to access information. 

Current Features of Self Service

  • Financial Aid
  • Tax Information
    • W-2 for employees
    • 1098-T for students
  • Project Accounting
  • Graduation Application
  • Proxy for Financial Aid

Planned for 2018. Update Address and Emergency Contacts for employees

Currently available for students, but not employees in WebAdvisor

  • Student Planning
    • Advising
    • Faculty
    • Grades
    • Course Catalog
  • Proxy for Grades
  • Enrollment Verification
  • Transcripts

Many of the features planned for 2018 are currently available in WebAdvisor and will transition to the new interface.

Benefits of Self-Service

  • Students and their families navigate the process more effectively 
  • Staff spend their time more efficiently and strategically 
  • Your institution creates efficiencies and opportunities that improve enrollment, retention, and student success

What is Student Planning?

Student Planning is an online tool that helps students, advisors and the university get students to graduation on time.  It offers the ability to pre-load degree plans to which students and their advisors can compare their current progress and see whether they are on-track.

Similarly, what-if analyses make it easier for students and advisors to determine the impacts of major or other changes. A centralized, up-to-date system of students’ intended course map will also has the benefit of putting the university in a better position to offer the courses students want and need at the time its needed.

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