SU Online

At the heart of it, all the work we are doing in RevSU is intended to benefit our students, so the Student module work is perhaps the most visible.

All of our student records--who our students are, their class standing, their grades, the courses they're taking, how many credits they have, their financial aid awards, and more are migrating from Legacy Colleague to Colleague XE on July 3.


SU Online is getting a new look and feel!

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Changes Starting July 3:

  • Language change to Registration Time
  • Removed "Last Day to Add/Drop" & "Last Day to Withdraw"
  • Removed previous years' registration times
  • Kept display of current and future terms

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Sample of What Remains the Same:

  • Address Change
  • Update Emergency Contact
  • Registration Appointment Time*
  • Check Holds
  • Advising Notes
  • Class Search
  • Online Withdrawal (GR and UG for online courses)
  • Unofficial Transcript
  • Register for Classes/Manage Classes
  • Request Official Paper Transcript
  • Graduation Application
  • Remaining Requirements to Graduate after Application
  • Graduate Admitted Applicant Confirmation
  • Law Student Exam Number
  • My Advisees
  • Class Roster
  • My class Schedule (student)
  • My class Schedule (faculty)
  • Review Advisee Final Graduate Requirements
  • Test Summary
  • Student Restrictions
  • Academic Standing Information
  • Email my Advisees

Course Description Editor

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  • Current Version available through June 29
  • Starting July 3, Course Description Editor will only have one text field: the description text box.
  • Whatever is entered into Course Description Editor up until June 29 will be migrated