ProcureSU is the university's new Procure-to-Pay system. ProcureSU automates purchasing, receiving, and payment processing on campus.  All purchasing, payments, and reimbursements will be done through ProcureSU.

How ProcureSU Works: Roles

All Faculty and Staff automatically have at least two roles in ProcureSU – Shopper and Receiver.  That means any Faculty or Staff can shop for goods and services, or complete forms, such as the reimbursement form and receive goods.  Receiving, in this case, means getting the actual good or service and logging it in the system so that the vendor can be paid. 

Depending on a person’s role in the university’s Organizational Hierarchy or other job duties, some individuals also have the role of Requisitioner.  Requisitioners are assigned shopping carts by shoppers in their areas and are responsible for assigning the correct Account Codes to the items, to make sure payment comes from the correct sources.  This process is analogous to “checking out” when shopping online and entering payment and shipping information.  Since this role requires specialized knowledge of the Chart of Accounts, all Requisitioners must complete an in-person training session in order to do their work in the system.  Requisitioners have already been identified and contacted by the Procurement Office.  

A fourth role that some people have in ProcureSU is Approver.  Once Requisitioners assign the appropriate Account Codes to Shopping Carts, the resulting requisition is sent to an Approver before a Purchase Order can be created.  Depending on the total dollar amount of the Requisition, there may be more than one level of approval.  Approvers receive email notification when a Requisition requires approval.  They can approve directly through that email, or by using an App for their mobile device.

Results of Changes

  • Increased individual accountability – Rather than AP and Procurement office fixing errors on Requisitions, the system now sends them back to the preparers
  • Goods and Service now have to be “Received” within ProcureSU, meaning that in order for vendors to be paid, the Receiver must enter a quantity/amount received into the system
  • Most forms (such as for Paying Independent Contractors or requesting reimbursements) are now done online through ProcureSU – no emailing!
  • No more sending or saving paper receipts.  All receipts must be uploaded electronically.  You can scan them using your copier/printer, or take pictures on your phone and email them to yourself.
  • Your area’s internal processes may have changed to work more efficiently with the new system.


There are two ProcureSU training options available to help Faculty, Staff, and selected Students:

  • Self-service materials- PDF Quick Guides and video instructions will be available in EngageSU. To access these materials, log in to EngageSU (use your Seattle U SSO) and use the search bar to search for "ProcureSU"
  • In-person lab consulting sessions- You can sign up to get help with your procurement transactions using EngageSU - see the links below

Lab Consulting Sessions & Topics

Note: for the following In-Person Training Sessions, use these instructions to select an available session using EngageSU:

  1. Click the link provided below
  2. Log in to EngageSU using your SSO (if prompted)
  3. From the Training Details page, find a session with availability and click Request next to the session
  4. The Training Session will appear in your Active Transcript and you will receive an Outlook Invitation as confirmation that you have registered successfully
  5. If you have questions about registering for ProcureSU training, please contact
  • Shopping in ProcureSU: Basics- A 90-minute program to acquaint the user with the use of catalogs, including the basic shopping process flow, use of defaults, and how to access shopping and approval information, and how to receive goods and services. 
  • Shopping in ProcureSU: Forms- A 90-minute program on how to use forms available in ProcureSU and defaults to make systems work easier. This session will also include more on cost receiving.
  • Approving in ProcureSU- A 30-minute program to acquaint Approvers with how they will be notified of their approval is required, how to approve a requisition, and how to hold or return requisitioners when questions arise
  • Tips & Tricks- A 30-minute session reviewing interesting features of the ProcureSU system that will be offered on an intermittent basis. 
  • ProcureSU Open Lab- Available on a first come, first served basis providing access to a ProcureSU Trainer or Super User

Self-Service Materials

Self-Service materials are now available on EngageSU and the Procurement website.


ProcureSU Shopping Demo - Click text to open in full window

ProcureSU Receiving Demo - Click text to open in full window

ProcureSU Requisition Demo - Click text to open in full window

ProcureSU Approver Demo - Click text to open in full window


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