The university is in the process of implementing a new reporting capability and data warehousing solution, InformSU. Financial and Human Resource records moved in July, and SUDDS financial reports have migrated to InformSU.  HR and student data reports are currently in development. Stay tuned for additional information as reports are developed and delivered.

SUDDS       InformSU

  • Note: Mac users can access InformSU via Virtual Desktop or by following instructions on the following support article: Access InformSU on a Mac
  • SUDDS will be available continually through the go-live weekend but, after October 12th at 4:00pm, it will not be updated with new data.
  • To navigate to InformSU from a Seattle University web page, select "MySU" and, in the menu provided, select InformSU.

What is InformSU?

InformSU is the home to institutional reports and data sources.  These reports fulfill many operational needs of the university, particularly in areas around Human Resource, Finance, and Student data.  To do this, they query three primary data sources:

  • ODS (Operational Data Store): Source of Colleague operational data
  • EDW (Enterprise Data Warehouse): Includes data from multiple sources (Colleague, TargetX, Raiser’s Edge)
  • Live Colleague: Most often used by Student Financial Services (Law and Non-Law) or the Office of the Registrar

ODS and EDW can be accessed via Report Builder, a tool intended to empower reporting units across campus with the ability to build their own ad hoc reports.


InformSU Capability

Status/Expected Delivery

Last Updated: December 15, 2017

GL and Budget Reports move from SUDDS to InformSU


Advancement Reports

Initial set delivered, more in progress

HR Reporting

Internal reporting set delivered.  Reporting for broader campus use in development.

Student reporting (SUDDS)

Available in SUDDS through Fall 2017 census (Early October)

Student data loaded into InformSU Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW)


Essential student reporting delivered through InformSU

Ongoing as scheduled at least through Fall 2017

Delivery of InformSU Subject Area Data Marts and Reporting

Ongoing as scheduled through Spring 2019

How do I access InformSU reports?

Access to InformSU reports follows university policies regarding information security. Different types of reports may require different levels of security approval, but in general two policies govern access.

  1. Your supervisor needs to communicate a work-related reason why you need to access the information and
  2. The data steward responsible for overseeing that request needs to approve the access request.

How these two steps happen varies by the category of information you are seeking.

Click the appropriate link below for more detailed directions on requesting access:

Financial Reports

Student Reports 

HR Reports 

Contact with your reporting needs and questions. horizontal rule

InformSU Financial Reports Training

A variety of self-service training is available for InformSU-Finance and related Chart of Accounts tools from the following links.

Questions? Contact Us:

Report Builder

Report Builder is a tool Seattle University has selected for report development.  The reports generated can be reviewed and promoted to be shared on InformSU.  These reports will generally fall into one of two categories: Operational reports which will report off of the ODS (Operational Data Store) and analytical reports which will report off of the EDW (Enterprise Data Warehouse).

The below materials are intended to introduce users to Report Builder functionality.  Understanding Seattle University’s Colleague data and where to find important information may require that users work with colleagues or reach out for assistance.

Report Builder: Getting Started at Seattle University

Quick Guide: Report Builder: Installing Report Builder
Quick Guide: Report Builder: Accessing Lynda Training
Video: Report Builder: Connecting to SU Data

Excel Pivot Tables

Excel can be used to connect to external data sources such as the ODS and EDW.  Excel Pivot Tables are a way to report on Seattle University data and a great alternative to Report Builder.  It provides a powerful way to dissect and investigate data.

Excel: Getting Started at Seattle University

Video: Working with Pivot Tables in Excel 2013 - Part 1 
Video: Working with Pivot Tables in Excel 2013 - Part 2 
Video: Working with Pivot Tables in Excel 2013 - Part 3 
Video: Working with Pivot Tables in Excel 2013 - Part 4