Chart of Accounts Tools


Chart of Accounts Guide

The GL Chart of Accounts Guide provides an introduction to

  • how the GL accounts are built,
  • new and commonly used object code descriptions, and
  • translation tools.  

This tool will continue to be useful after the RevSU project has concluded as a guide to both old and new object codes and their descriptions.

Chart of Accounts Translator

The GL Chart of Accounts Translator efficiently translates old 13 digit GL accounts into the new 17 digit GL accounts. For users that work with a variety of accounts regularly, this tool will be helpful during the transition. It will not be sufficient to simply translate the 13 digit accounts to the 17 digit accounts in the long term because

  • some old accounts will be discontinued or consolidated
  • many new accounts have been added, and
  • the new GL accounts are more complex to facilitate improved reporting.


For a brief introduction to the tools, see the following videos:



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