EngageSU Learning and Development

EngageSU is a suite of applications (sometimes referred to as Talent Management) that will be rolled out over the next year. EngageSU integrates with Colleague XE, as the system of record, and will work with single sign-on capability. EngageSU includes four major modules: Learning & Development, Applicant Tracking (replacing PeopleAdmin), Performance Management, and Compensation.

On November 28, 2016, the first EngageSU module, Learning & Development, was deployed although faculty and staff did not start using it until February 2017, once compliance training products were activated.

EngageSU Learning & Development is not a tool to create training content and it will not replace Canvas as a student learning management system.  Rather, it is a way to catalog, assign, and track professional development materials available at SU. It includes notification and search capabilities, and provides an improved end-user training experience. Human Resources also expects to see savings in time and effort.

Starting in February, required compliance training (such as FERPA, Data Security and Harassment & Discrimination Prevention) migrated from LawRoom to EngageSU. The plan is to continue to build out the training catalog to make it increasingly useful for faculty and staff. The Human Resources Office of Learning and Development will be working with a few areas to migrate position-specific training to the EngageSU L&D system.

The initial RevSU training that will be provided is on the Learning & Development capabilities themselves. This will include short training videos on topics such as what is on the EngageSU home page and how to use it; how to access training catalogs; and how supervisors will be able to review and approve training plans. There will also be an instruction guide for those who prefer material available on their desktops or desks.

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