EngageSU Careers

What is EngageSU Careers?

EngageSU Careers is the university's recruiting and onboarding system. EngageSU Careers, licensed by Cornerstone, provides the following capabilities:

  • Customized job websites for faculty & staff positions
  • Simplified sites and application workflows for internal searches
  • Colleague XE integration and single sign-on
  • Mobile functionality



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 See also the EngageSU section of the Human Resources web site.


EngageSU Careers Training

There are three training options to prepare Hiring Managers and Approvers to work in EngageSU Careers:

  1. In-person training before the system goes live on March 29. This hands-on training will take place in a computer lab and use a test version of the system. Dates: March 20 & 21.
  2. Self-service materials, including pdf and video instructions. These will be available online to all faculty and staff beginning March 29 at system go-live. No sign-up is required.
  3. In-person training after the system is live. This hands-on training will use the production system for those entering a new requisition or test system for those focused on learning. Dates: April 4 & 5; 10 - 13.

To sign up for one or more sessions, described below, please contact the Human Resources Front Desk at x5870 or hr@seattleu.edu. The opportunity for in-person training is available to all interested faculty and staff.





  • Workshop in PRODUCTION is an opportunity for those who have already attended a training session to work in the live system with help from Faculty Services and Human Resources
  • Monday, April 10 click here to register
    • 2:15 - 4:30 pm, ENGR 308

*If you do not see a training session that you can attend, please contact hr@seattleu.edu to be notified if more sessions are scheduled.horizontal rule

Information on EngageSU Careers, from the February RevSU newsletter:

In order to attract and hire the best faculty and staff, Seattle University currently uses a recruiting software system called PeopleAdmin. Many of you have likely interacted with it, either as a hiring manager, application reviewer, or as an applicant yourself. We are pleased to announce that a new and improved recruiting and onboarding system, EngageSU Careers, will be part of the EngageSU suite of applications we are licensing from Cornerstone. This new tool is a component of the RevSU project.

EngageSU Careers provides some distinct strategic advantages. As Vice President of Human Resources Michelle Clements shares, "With Careers the university is getting a powerful tool that will improve many aspects of the user experience and provide a more flexible platform for future growth." For example, Faculty Services and Human Resources can create different job websites customized for faculty or staff positions. In addition, job sites and application workflows can be simplified for internal-only searches. Such specificity not only makes it easier for university employees to develop their careers; it cuts down on the frustrations faced when external applicants apply for internal-only jobs. Finally, future updates of Careers will have a mobile capability.

EngageSU Careers integrates with Colleague XE, the university’s new enterprise resource planning system (see RevSU Glossary), which can speed up the on-boarding process by eliminating manual data entry steps. For ease of use, all EngageSU applications are compatible with the university’s single sign-on. All employees will have access to the system; however, EngageSU’s security settings grant faculty and staff permission to review or approve only materials that they are required to see.

Hiring managers can start posting in the new system on March 29. Faculty Services and Human Resources will be working with individual hiring managers who have active positions in the PeopleAdmin system to develop a transition strategy for each open position into the new Careers site. If they have not already, hiring managers with open applications can expect to hear directly from Sandra Brierley in Faculty Services or Danika Ham in Human Resources.

Opportunities for in-person training will be available in March, before the EngageSU Careers go-live, and again in April after the launch. The Careers Team is also creating detailed instruction guides and self-service training videos that will be available for all faculty and staff as any need may arise in the future. Anyone with questions is encouraged to reach out to Sandra and Danika directly.


EngageSU Careers Update, from the March 2017 RevSU newsletter

The rollout of EngageSU Careers, the university’s new Faculty and Staff recruiting and onboarding system, is under way. Here are a few details to be aware of:

Dates — New Faculty and Staff searches will use EngageSU Careers beginning March 29. All open searches should be concluded in PeopleAdmin by April 21. Faculty Services, in consultation with the Deans, requests that no new Faculty searches launch between March 1 and March 29 to allow for a smooth transition.

Transition Plans — Human Resources and Faculty Services have contacted all Hiring Managers and Search Chairs with open searches to discuss transition plans. Most are choosing to conclude open searches before the switch from PeopleAdmin to EngageSU Careers. Faculty Services has authorized some open searches to continue past the April cutoff and finish offline. The plans in place avoid negative impacts on applicants.

Training — The EngageSU Team is offering several training options: in-person before or post go-live, and self-service using instructions and videos available for the long run. See the RevSU website for a training schedule and details on how to sign up.

Supplemental Pay — Staff receive supplemental pay for work done outside of their regular job descriptions. Currently managers use PeopleAdmin to issue supplemental pay. Beginning March 29, supplemental pay for Staff switches over to a PDF form similar to what Faculty use. When the Compensation module is deployed later this year, the Faculty and Staff supplemental pay processes move into the EngageSU system.

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