Obtain Access to the Form

After logging into the online request form, you will see a list of budget numbers for whichyou are authorized to manage copy privileges and copy cards. Simply click one to get started.

If you don't see the budget you need, you can click on the link to add more. If there are budgets listed that you no longer manage (due to a position/ department change, etc.), please let us know by entering "Remove: _____" as shown in this example:

Important Considerations

  • Students and faculty are not eligible to access the request form.
  • Requesting access does not automatically request copy privileges or copy card- you must make those requests after your access has been granted.
  • The system updates at midnight each night; thus, access begins at that time after approval.
  • Access requests may require approval of the Cost Center Manager.
  • We recommend that 2-3 people in your department have access to the request form. This ensures that operations will continue if one of you is out of the office or leaves the university. Please maintain communication between these individuals to prevent duplicate requests.