Add, Suspend, or Move Copy Privileges

 This page applies to 3rd party vendors such as Bon Appetite.

Other groups should only use this web form for managing Copy Cards.  Please visit this page to learn how to manage individual user access to MPS.

 Once logged into the online request form, you will see a list of users who currently have copy privileges assigned that charge back to the budget you are viewing:

User List

Please ignore the "Code" column as it no longer applies.

To Add Copy Privileges to a User

 ID cards can be picked up at the Campus Card office in ENGR 309.   

  • Look for the "Add User" section
  •           Add User 
  • Enter the user's last name
  • Click "Add User" next to the person you want
  • If the following message is displayed, please verify that this user has not already been granted access
  •           2nd priv or move 
  • Click "Queue Request"
  • Continue making other requests OR click "Submit Requests"

Note:  If the user did not show up in your search, you can use the other fields to assist you.  It is recommended to only use one field at a time.

To Suspend Copy Privileges for a User

  • Find the User you would like to remove from the current budget and click the "Delete" button:
  •           Delete Button 
  • The "Notes" field can be left blank
  • Click "Queue Request"
  • Continue making other requests OR click "Submit Requests"

To Move a User to Another Budget

This option no longer applies and should be ignored.

              Refile Button