Copy Privileges & Departmental Copy Cards

Cost Center Managers, Administrative Assistants, and Print Administrators can submit requests to create or deactivate departmental copy cards at the following location:

Access to the Managed Print system for individuals can be managed by Print Administrators by following the instructions at:  

What's the Difference?

Copy Cards are meant to be shared or used by individuals that cannot be added to an MPS group.

Copy Cards can be used to:

  • Make photocopies
  • Scan documents
  • Print from a USB device in the following formats:
    • JPEG (both .jpg and .jpeg)
    • TIFF (.tif)
    • PDF (.pdf)

    * Microsoft Office docs and other formats cannot be printed from USB- they must be saved as a PDF beforehand

Members of an MPS group can:

  • Do everything a Copy Card can do
  • Print any file-type from a workstation computer

    * Group members will use their ID card at the device or manually log in using their standard credentials

Important Considerations:

  • Lost or stolen cards incur a $15 fee for replacement
  • Cards are never linked to an individual but rather, to a budget
  • The budget is responsible for all charges made on their dept copy cards no matter who uses them
  • Each budget can have up to two copy cards

Use the menu to the left to learn how to use the online request form.